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When you want to do it right!

  • Patient, expert instruction
  • Simple, step-by-step,
          common sense approach
  • Pick up at home or workplace
  • Deal directly with the owner
  • Need to learn how to drive a "stick shift"..?
    ProShift is your best choice!

    "It was only when I started my lessons with you that I
    realized the instruction I had previously at another
    driving school was almost completely useless..."


    Learn quicker! Drive better !

    Serving the City of Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) - Urban Sectors:
    Orleans / Vanier / Gloucester / Old Ottawa / Nepean / Riverside South /
    Barrhaven / Bells Corners / Kanata

      Learn to drive the ProShift way...
    • Save money on repairs
    • Save money on gas
    • Keep your car running better, longer
    • Feel safer and more confident knowing you have full control of your vehicle
    • Eliminate unnecessary actions and make your driving more enjoyable
    • Avoid the tress and risk usually associated with learning to drive standard
    • Free online coaching after the lessons if you need a little help
    • ProShift book available if you wish to further hone your driving skills

        ProShift Book

    Totally dedicated to providing top notch manual shift instruction!


    You will learn how to handle a manual shift car for maximum control, economy and driving enjoyment...

    There are many ways to drive a manual shift car (often referred to as a "standard" or a "stick shift"). Few drivers do it right, causing unnecessary wear and tear. It's not just avoiding stalls; many simple actions, if performed incorrectly, needlessly, or at the wrong time, can significantly shorten the useful life of key components, increase fuel consumption, and make driving a standard car cumbersome and even unsafe.

    With ProShift, you will learn to drive your car as it was engineered to be driven. Some "old fashioned" techniques can cause damage or loss of control - you want to make sure your driving is well adapted to your car's modern features. With ProShift, you will develop life-long habits that result in less wear and tear, better fuel economy, better control, and a more relaxed, more enjoyable driving experience. Don’t just learn to drive standard, learn how to do it right!

    ProShift is NOT like other driving schools; their focus is on new driver education and road test preparation, ProShift specializes exclusively in manual shift training - good, knowledgeable manual shift training. And a word of warning - most of what you find online is either wrong, incomplete, or downright dangerous.

    Whether you need to learn to drive standard from scratch, or wish to improve, you want a professional with the experience, the expertise, the mechanical know-how (and the patience) to guide you along and help you reach your goal. You can also be assured of courteous, attentive personal service in a properly-equipped vehicle. My aim is to make sure you get your money's worth - and a little more...


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