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Learn the Essentials
Learn the Essentials
A fresh approach...
...for today's more sophisticated vehicles

Note: These lessons are best suited to drivers who
already know how to drive an automatic, if you're a new driver
still on your G1, please go to the Beginner Driver Education Course section

You will learn, step by step, how to handle a modern manual shift vehicle for maximum control, minimum wear and tear, best fuel economy, and the least effort. And when you know exactly what to do in any situation, your driving will be more relaxed, safer, and definitely more enjoyable.

The focus of these lessons is on simplicity - essentially how to control the car the easiest way possible while being kind to your car (and to your wallet). When driving standard, the same actions are repeated over and over - seemingly insignificant errors or unnecessary actions can, in time, cause a lot of excess wear, lead to premature failure of key components, and add up to expensive repairs. That's why it's so important to develop the correct habits right from the start (or change old ones if need be). Doing it right will also improve control, increase safety, and generally contribute to greater driving satisfaction.

Teaching method...
Practical, no-nonsense, step-by-step, relaxed, patient approach with the flexibility to adapt to your personality, your driving style, your aptitudes, your budget, your needs, and your time constraints. You will learn in a safe, fully equipped teaching vehicle.

If you've never driven standard (manual transmission) before...
You will first be shown how things work, and what you need to know to avoid serious damage. Then, after a brief demonstration, you will learn how to "launch" the car on level roads and on slopes/hills, shift up, shift down, and gradually progress to driving in traffic. The focus will be on how to drive in a way that gives you full control, while avoiding needless actions and common driving errors that can cost you money or result in loss of control. On average, it takes 3 or 4 lessons and some practice on your own to get to the point where you will feel comfortable in most traffic situations - you may need an extra lesson or two if you wish to cover everything in the Program Outline (below) and polish up on your technique and timing. The ProShift book can also very helpful if you wish to continue to improve on your own. If you only want to learn the "essentials" in case you ever have to drive a standard car, one or two session may be sufficient.

If you've driven manual before...
All you may need is a refresher lesson to make sure you're doing everything right; keep in mind that cars have evolved considerably over the past couple of decades, and your driving technique might have to be brought up-to-date...

Note: If you're a new driver, check out the New Driver section)

- Program Outline -
  • Basic understanding of how the engine, clutch, and transmission work together
  • What causes stalling
  • Controlling the clutch
  • Controlling the gas pedal
  • The start / launch
  • How to handle / avoid...
    • Stalling
    • Hobby horsing
    • "Jack Rabbit" starts
    • Lugging
  • Correct shifter handling
  • Accelerating / up-shifting
  • Coming to a stop / idling / parking
  • How to smooth out your shifts
  • Selecting the correct driving gear
  • Slowing down / simple down-shifting
  • Slowing down & downshifting for turns / corners
  • Stop and go traffic
  • "Picking-up" from various speeds (gears/engine limits)
  • Passing
  • Controlling roll-back on gentle slopes
  • Going up/down hills, starting in steep hills, parking in hills
  • Entering / exiting freeways
  • "Crawling", backing up, and low speed maneuvering
  • Panic stops / stopping in slippery conditions
  • Most common causes of damage / excessive wear / premature failure and how to avoid them

Note: How much of the above can be covered depends on the number of lessons
                    you're prepared to take, and how quickly you pick it up.

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