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Defensive Driving / Collision Avoidance
When you really care...

(These lessons are usually best done in your car, automatic or manual)

I am a certified Canada Safery Council defensive driving instructor
as well as licensed Ontario Ministry New Driver course instructor

As they say, it's a jungle out there, and getting worse - one single accident, even if it's not "your fault", can cost you a lot of money and cause untold pain and suffering - and Ontario's no-fault insurance system doesn't make things easier. You may drive carefully, but do you know what habits you need to have to avoid "the other guy"...

Put the chances on your side by making sure you're doing everything possible to insure your safety and that of your loved ones. The Defensive Driving lesson combines an evaluation of your current driving habits with changes you need to make and a discussion of safe driving habits. One 60 min. session is normally sufficient to cover most driving situations. The Defensive Driving lesson is normally done in your own vehicle (automatic or standard) - you must have a valid G2 or G licence.

Winter driving
If conditions are appropriate, the Collision Avoidance course can be combined with winter driving techniques.  





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