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If you've had lessons with ProShift before, be sure to mention it in the "Notes" box.

Notice: THIS FORM MUST BE COMPLETED BY THE PERSON TAKING THE LESSONS– Due to frequent and ongoing problems and confusion caused by “third party booking”, I will no longer accept scheduling requests by parents, guardians, spouses, etc. (except in the case of credible extenuating circumstances). Follow up messages must also be handled by the same person. If there are indications someone is "pretending" to be the person in question, all appointments will be cancelled.

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Lessons are given in Metro Ottawa only

Driver's License Level: G1 G2 G Other (explain below)
Note: ProShift only provides services to holders of a G2 or G license
and holders of out-of-province licenses who are allowed to drive legally in Ontario.
Holders of a G1 license will be booked as Ottawa Driving School "commercial" clients.

Restrictions on License:
Driver's license must be shown at the beginning of the first lesson

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during the coming week or two (lessons are normally 1 hr):
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