• Why not all 12 hours  on standard?
    First the cost; manual shift lessons cost more because good manual instructors demand more and the cost of vehicle maintenance and repairs is higher. Second, after the driver learns the essentials of manual shift driving, continuing improvement comes essentially with practice. And finally, it’s much easier to focus on the requirements of defensive driving and prepare for the road test on an automatic car, especially for a novice driver. A 4/8 hour mix is a good way to get the best “bang for the buck” for most beginners. (Note that ProShift lessons are normally $70/hr, so you're getting $280's worth of manual shift instruction for only $150 or so extra when you take the auto/manual course)
  • Is 4 hours on standard enough?
    With ProShift’s superior teaching method, most students can handle the car quite well after 3 or 4 hours of instruction (assuming he/she can practice between the lessons). In some cases however, it may be advisable to take additional manual shift lessons. Incidentally, a student requiring extra manual shift lessons would most likely require even more extra lessons to complete the course material on an "all standard" program.
  • Should the student practice a little before the lessons?
    No, it’s always best not to (it doesn’t take long to pick up incorrect habits that may be difficult to change, not to mention the risk of damage to your car). It usually makes it more difficult and frustarating for the student and the instructor, and slows down progress.
  • When should the manual shift lessons be scheduled?
    If a student hasn’t driven at all before (either manual or automatic), it’s usually best to start the manual lessons after two or three hours on the automatic. If the student has been driving for a while,  it doesn’t really matter; the manual shift lessons can even be done concurrently with the automatic lessons.
  • What if we don’t have a standard at home to practice but I still want to learn stick shift?
    The program will still work well, although you will not be as proficient at it as when you have a car to practice with. You should be able to “get along” reasonably well afterwards.
If you have any other questions, please contact me... .   “JC”
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