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Level 1 (G1 to G2) and Level 2 (G2 to G) Road Tests

WARNING re. the Manual Road Tests: In my opinion, and that of most other manual shift professionals, the requirements for the Manual Road Tests in Ontario are clearly outdated and unfair to manual shift drivers. Driving a modern car following the Ministry's current guidelines can not only be dangerous, it will cause excess wear to key components and could even seriously damage your car * (and you may be disqualified if you don't follow their guidelines). So, until those requirements are changed, I strongly advise against taking the Test on a manual (unless you already drive "the old fashioned way"). Try to borrow or rent an automatic, or arrange to use an instructor's vehicle from another driving school (most have "road test packages" that include a preparation lesson and use of the car for the RT). If you still want to use your own (manual shift) car for the Test, here are the guidelines you must follow to satisfy the Ministry's requirements. Please understand that you will have to drive incorrectly in order to pass the test. After your test, for your own safety and to avoid excessive wear/damage to your car, you may wish to take a lesson with ProShift to ensure you revert to correct manual shift driving techniques.

* To find out more, click here

As for the other (general) road test requirements, be sure to read the "Road Test" section of your Official Driver's Handbook, and if possible, take one or two road test preparation lessons (in an automatic) with a reputable registered driving school.

Until the Ontario Ministry's road test guidelines for manual shift are brought up to date, ProShift will not provide Road Test Preparation lessons.

Is your car suitable for the Road Test?
Your car must meet the Ministry's minimum standards or they will refuse to take you on the test: no cracks in the windshield wiper area; both wipers must wipe properly (if raining) and the windshield washer system must work (winter); headlights must be ok if conditions require them; signal lights, brake lights, horn, and parking brake must work; license plate must have valid sticker; doors must close properly; no engine warning light that stays on; no leaking muffler, worn out tires, holes in the body, frayed or malfunctioning seat belts (in the front); etc... If you don't think your car will be acceptable, then you can use a school car (see below). Oh, and remove those nick-nacks hanging from the rear view mirror, and turn off the radio and your cell phone.

Use of school vehicle for the road test:
Sorry, ProShift vehicles are not available for use on the road test. If you don't have access to a car, I suggest you contact any driving school and arrange to do the test with one of their instructors' (automatic) car. You will normally be required to take at least one evaluation/preparation lesson with that instructor prior to your Road Test.

  • Road Test - Information and Bookings: DriveTest

  •    (Make sure you book the right test - book the "Level 1" (G1 Exit) RT to get your G2; the "Level 2" (G2 Exit) RT is to get your G)

  • Licensing Information: Ministry of Transportation

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