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Other clients' feedback :

"JC, Thank you so much for the lessons. You are an excellent teacher. During the basic lessons I learnt much more than expected, and now have a greater understanding of how manual transmissions actually work. The lessons were perfect - I now feel totally comfortable driving manual."   Nashira

"Even if this note is long overdue, I really wanted to thank you for the excellent service you provided me with. I was most satisfied with your impecable punctuality, professionalism and teaching skills. You were very patient and at the same time persistent, making sure that I would develop the proper manual driving skills. It was only when I started lessons with you that I realized that the instruction I had previously at another driving school was almost completely useless. I am very grateful for the genuine interest you showed in teaching me the correct skills, no matter how long it took me or how bad my initial driving was. Without a doubt, I would recommend you without hesitation to anybody else wanting to learn or improve their driving skills. Have a nice Christmas. Thanks."   B. de Vega

"Hi JC,   I am back from Iceland and I just wanted you to know that your driving lessons were wonderful! We had a tiny car (I would NOT recommend getting a small car for Iceland!) and we encountered every difficult situation you could imagine EXCEPT traffic. We had sheep and horses on the road, flocks of birds swooping in front of the car, one-lane bridges, a million roundabouts, blind rises, narrow lanes and hairpin turns, 22km hills uphill and then another 22km downhill, over and around the fjords, the roads don't have shoulders and the ones in the mountains have edges that fall down, down down! One-lane tunnels, construction, rain, unpaved roads of sand and rocks... oh, the list goes on! It would have been tough in an automatic! Now I feel pretty confident about driving a standard; I even got to the point that it started to feel smooth more often than not!
Thank you for your professional and precise instruction. As nervous as I was when we first got to Iceland, I was so happy that I had had professional lessons instead of getting a friend to teach me! Without your instruction, I would NOT have had the confidence to drive through some of the situations we did."   S. Brousseau

"After only a few hours of instruction with ProShift, I am now confident that I have developed driving skills that most people can only dream of after many years of manual shift driving."   Terry N.   View complete comment"

"After my disastrous attempts to learn with my boyfriend I was ready to give up (and I think he was ready to kill me - figure of speech). Thanks for helping me relax and get my confidence back. Now he lets me drive his precious Mustang and I manage quite well; I've even taught him a thing or two, he's impressed. I think you saved our relationship. Thanks again."   Sarah W.

"I'm off to drive a standard car through the beautiful roads of Europe and, thanks to Proshift, with complete confidence."   Sameena M.

"Your lessons were very helpful both to me and my parents; we all feel much better driving our new G35. I now enjoy driving a standard transmission car very much. Thanks."   Lihang N.

"Just wanted to thank you again for the excellent driving lessons. You are a very patient instructor, give clear and understandable instructions, and helped me gain confidence in my ability to drive a standard car. You are definitely "top notch" and I would recommend you anytime!"   Heidi R.

"I know it's your job, but I still wanted to thank you for being so patient. Thank You!"   Savana C.

"Thank's for the great training. We're not quite ready for Formula 1, but hey, we're getting there..."   Zack & Adam

"Although this note of thanks is long overdue, I want to acknowledge how helpful all your driving lessons were to me in learning to drive a standard car. Your calm demeanor and mild manner relaxed my anxiety while your positive encouragement boosted my self-esteem. Although I didn't feel totally confident in my ability, I persevered as you suggested and now, a month later, ONLY drive the standard car, and I love it. This result is totally due to your positive outlook on a job you do very well.
Thank-you again."   Sandie D.

"It was fun, I love driving standard now"   Jen C.

Level 2 Road Test comments :

"Just thought you might want to know that I passed my Road Test with flying colours. Thanks again for your expert tutelage!"   Kevin W.

Hi JC, Just wanted to let you know that I passed the test today, with only a few minor errors (mostly checking…no surprise). All in all, I found that I was extremely well prepared for the test, and even though I was nervous, I knew exactly what was expected of me and what to expect, every step of the way. In short, I clearly had more than a fighting chance, thanks to your instruction. With appreciation,   Joan.

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