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If you plan to drive abroad, there are a few facts you should know about car rentals:
In many countries automatics are difficult to find, or they're much more expensive or your choice of models is sevelely limited. Even if you reserved an automatic, you may find out when you arrive that the vehicule you picked is not available and the only alternatives are manual. So don't take any chances, learn to drive manual before you leave.

You're leaving in a week or two, and you're really pressed for time?...
No problem, even if you only have time for a couple of lessons; we can focus on the essentials so you can at least "get along" once you get there; and I'll do my best to schedule your appointments to fit your busy schedule. And if you bring along a copy of the ProShift booklet, you can use it to continue to improve your handling once you're there, and you will have something to refer to if you run into problems.

A word about International Driving Permits:
An IDP is a multi-lingual document that accompanies and validates your current drivers license when you travel; it does not replace your existing license. It allows you to drive in almost any country, but it must be accompanied at all times by your current driver's licence. It's highly recommended if you plan to drive abroad, even if the country you're visiting doesn't officially mandate it (many car rental agencies require one, and it can serve as backup ID if your other documents are lost or stolen). It's valid for one year. You can get an International Driving Permit at any CAA location.

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